Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt in a game

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt in a game

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt in a game changer by Evolution and NetEnt

Treasure Hunt Live Gonzo is an innovative collaboration between Evolution Gaming and NetEnt, the company behind the legendary Quest Gonzo slot game on which this new game is based.

Gonzo Treasure Hunt is a mix of live dealer games and RNG slot games that creates a unique gaming experience. It was also the first live dealer game to be played with VR headphones – and the first game in general to make VR possible was the Gonzo slot game itself. Basically, this game is a live game with a host. There are many other similar games and they are usually variations on the wheel of fortune. ทดลองเล่นสล็อต

In this game you choose several award symbols you want to find and the number of photos you choose. The game is divided into four segments – stakes, treasure hunts where you choose stones, rewards where bonus prizes and multipliers are added to the stones, and great discoveries where all stones are added with prices revealed and compared to your bet. When you have the game, you win.

How to win Gonzo treasure hunt in real time

Like most games, Treasure Hunt Gonzo looks simple but has the right strategy. You just have to choose whether you want to take low risk / low reward if you want to find the best value or if you want to take high risk / high reward. These strategies are discussed in detail in the link above.

Game mechanics and odds

The most common returns in this game seem to be in the 10x range,

although for many players it makes sense to only invest a little money in pursuit of the biggest wins,

which as you can see can run into the tens of thousands. under.

Overall, the player’s theoretical return (RTP) from Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live is 96.56%. This is when you look at the game as a whole. Individual stones – brown, orange, purple, green, blue, and red have RTPs that differ slightly from the average, but are generally the same.

The brown line pays 1-1, orange pays 2-1, purple pays 4-1, green pays 8-1, blue pays 20-1 and red pays 65-1 and accidentally destroys the game. It’s a very fun game. It’s the right game for you. That straight use the… It’s best to interact with anyone who wants to interact!


You may or may not enjoy live casino games online, but what is certain here is that Evolution and NetEnt have opened the door to an exciting new era in online gambling. First, these are two developers who have never worked together before. Secondly, the slot machine hero has become so popular that he can bring a whole new game to the table. VR is finally here and it’s not the last game on offer!

We look forward to the next online game!

Finally, have fun with Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt in a game and many online games that want you to come and experience

where you can follow new online games at our website.

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