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sushi Oishi Game Online game camp, the camp of pg slot, Oishi sushi that comes to serve deliciousness, sweet, with various menus,

plus win big money prizes. To all online gamblers who are members of our leading websites, It’s an easy trail to play without having to pay the application fee to join

in the fun this time. We are ready and start playing new slots only at the same time. There is a game-level update before anyone for sure. This game is a check of the famous sushi. By the men who sell sushi every year,

he always makes sushi that is exciting, happy, sweet, different from the others during this sport. Chef Chichi also made him able to win all his opponents as a champion every time.

And this is the way and inspiration to develop a delicious sushi game like no other. Also, this competitor doesn’t like it because they try to topple the prize. He uses all sorts of dirty methods to destroy his business,  including a restaurant next door to Houdin that has a mysterious family recipe that has been passed down since ancient times.

NS Always wanting to focus on making delicious sushi made him never get bored. Because the family sushi making has been passed down for a long time. The sushi game always features a 5 reel, the 4-row video that spins with mysterious symbols with an increasing number of multipliers.

with a scatter symbol 3/4/5 that can appear anywhere This gives you the bonus feature at the start of the bonus reel 2 and reel 4, which are filled with mysterious symbols. As a continuation of the start of the bonus giveaway period, you may win more. is a number multiplied by those who have destiny about Determining which sushi trucks will be found in the celebration of good luck means that this player If the bonus is played and distributed including on the game screen. There are strange symbols, do not panic at all, maybe symbols. about the big jackpot

Play free slots free of cost Symbol of Sushi Oishi game

Future Mystery Rotation It’s a new symbol that has a lot of interest, if not even more exciting. Because this symbol will appear anywhere. At the start of the futures, the win is instantly rolled by multiplying the prize amount from 1x and increasing per round of the mysterious spin until this secret commemorative symbol runs out.

The wild symbol is a substitute for other symbols with a white-haired man with a cloth on his head. See and demonstrate the owner and chef. This symbol will make it easier for the person to break the bonus. When received, it is equal to all symbols for 8 weeks, there is a chance to win big as well.

Scatter symbol, a truck on the back, is a very special symbolic sushi sale. And enter the free spins for players to make a profit if 3/4/5 of them appear. Going into free spins mode including the music bonus money from mid-year will change the symbol that will start Future, as the mysterious Future, the starting point is 2x, which will help the bonus muscle version. And the opportunity to win even more big prizes.

Sushi symbol It features the symbols with the highest odds of having all the symbols on which the symbols are. Of this Sushi Oishi game, there is a maximum bet of 50 times when received 3/4/5. When the symbols are given in order

The format of sharing play is the same. is to win in every round there will be symbols that line up and the next round line. สมัครsuperslot You will get an additional starting stake from the multiplier and there will be more winning symbols if you play 5 well in a row,

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